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Rocket Strikes in Kramatorsk

In the first hour of August 8, Kramatorsk was subjected to rocket attacks by the Russian occupying army. This was reported by a  LIGA.net journalist  in a front-line city.

At about 00:28 there was an explosion, 12 minutes later – another one.

“Somewhere in the center,” suggested a source in the city.

At 00:33, online monitoring of the Air Force reported the threat of Russian terrorists using ballistic weapons.

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The air raid siren (typical for cities and towns close to the front line) was not given in time due to the short flight time of missiles / shells, which ranges from a few seconds to minutes.

  • On August 7, 2023, in the evening, Russia  hit Pokrovsk twice with rockets, previously with Iskanders: they hit a residential multi-storey building and a hotel. At least five people died , injured and injuredmore than 80 .

Source : Liga.net