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Johnny Depp trial jury could ‘smell’ Amber Heard’s ‘lies’

New York (03/06 – 33.33) Fox Nation “Crime Stories” host Nancy Grace sounded off Wednesday on “Hannity” in the wake of a Virginia jury delivering a mixed ruling that weighed heavily in “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor Johnny Depp’s favor.

NANCY GRACE: [The Depp-Heard trial was] like two wet cats in the barrel. The only question was which one is going to crawl out on top of the other? In this case, Depp crawled out on top… It would be a cold day in ‘H’ ‘E’ double ‘L’ that I would let my daughter stay in a relationship where somebody cavity-searched me for drugs and raped me with a wine bottle. That’s not going to happen.

For [actress Amber Heard] to now say this was a David and Goliath story where she is cast as David and Depp as Goliath, that somehow she could fight all of his power and sway — that’s not her undoing. Her undoing was her own lies in front of the jury. 

You can’t go into court and expect that everything about you is not going to be exposed, because it will be. And it’s a matter of this. I’m not saying that this is a popularity contest. Nobody’s going to be crowned “Miss Congeniality.” That’s not going to happen. 

But when a jury can smell your lies, they don’t like you, and they’re not going to believe anything you say. And I believe they could smell her lies.