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Actress Zhao Lusi Caused A Commotion Over Accidental Reveal Of Her Nipple Pasties


Chinese actress Zhao Lusi (赵露思) aka Rosy has always been known for her sweet appearance. However, the actress this time decided to spice things up a little for her latest event. Unfortunately, things might not have gone to plan.

Rosy had been attending an event for Bvlgari in Shanghai. She was dressed in a beautiful, form fitting dress that had a very low neckline. The neckline showed off her cleavage, but apparently, it also showed off the nipple covers she was using. Needless to say, it definitely drew attention, although not quite the one she wanted.


The actress’ faux pas was spotted while she was on the red carpet. Rosy had been posing for the cameras, looking as charming as usual. However, apparently, her neckline had started slipping and soon was low enough to expose part of her breasts. Including the nipple covers peeking out over the top of her cut. Of course, netizens were quick to point them out.

While some felt it didn’t really matter as the actress was still pretty either way, others were offended on her behalf. “How is it that we can see the leaked nipple covers in the live broadcast but no one on the team spotted it?” one asked. Another claimed it was the fault of the styling team. But, some felt it had been a simple accident. They suggested that the neckline had simply slipped with Rosy’s movements as the lowcut of the dress might not be fixed.


The actress has not said a word about the apparent clothing faux pas. But, as other netizens pointed out, she still looked radiant at the event. Hopefully Rosy enjoyed herself regardless!

Watch Zhao Lusi’s full time on the red carpet here:

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