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Trump’s Return to Power in the Us Could Mean “Giving Up on Ukraine” – NYT

Donald Trump’s return to power in the United States may mean “giving up on Ukraine.”

The New York Times writes about this.

“The first area where Trump’s potential return to the White House in 2025 could provoke a foreign policy crisis regarding Ukraine and the Alliance of Western Democracies that support its defense against Russian invasion,” the newspaper writes.

For Europeans, this will be the “first big test case” that will show how reliable an ally Trump will become in his second term. 

Trump will have “enormous influence over the Ukrainian government” and his current allies in Congress oppose sending further military aid to Kyiv.

And even if Congress finally allocates additional aid, “Trump may refuse to provide it – as he did in 2019, when he tried to force Zelensky to announce a criminal investigation into Biden,” writes the NYT.

Against this background, the Russian military strategy at the moment is wait-and-see.

“According to officials, he (Putin – Ed.) carries out attacks only when he sees an opportunity, and ties up Ukrainian forces, but does not take steps to change the paradigm or negotiate… Putin calculated that he could end up in a much better situation situation after the US elections in 2024,” the publication says.

Source : Antikor