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Taiwan’s best smart display manufacturers shine at 2022 SDIA Award

To encourage Taiwan’s smart display manufacturers to stay up to date with the leading display technologies, the Smart Display Industry Alliance (SDIA) organized the 2022 SDIA Award, handing out Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes as well as the Prize of Excellence to winners who meet the award evaluation criteria including marketability, innovation, technology, research and development capabilities, and prototype performance. The aim is to commend the participating manufacturers for their investment in expanding forward-looking display technologies and to enhance the image and market competitiveness of Taiwan’s display industry.

Founded by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2021, SDIA established industry-government-university-academia collaboration networks and an operation integration mechanism, strengthening cross-sector, inter-departmental, and multidisciplinary resources and capacity to increase Taiwan’s international competitiveness in smart display technology and encourage cross-industry collaborations to transform the display industry from a single industrial chain into an industrial ecosystem.

This year, the prizes are awarded to companies that delivered outstanding projects with a focus on forward-looking display technologies. The Gold Prize recipients are AUO Corporation, Innolux Corporation, and PlayNitride Display Co., Ltd, while the Silver Prize goes to E Ink Holdings Inc., Lextar Electronics Corporation, and Darwin Precisions Corporation. The Bronze Prize awardees include PanelSemi Corporation, WiseChip Semiconductor Inc., and InnoCare Optoelectronics Corp., and the Prize of Excellence is given to Taiwan Nanocrystals Inc., General Interface Solution Limited, and GIO Optoelectronics Corp.

The AUO Corporation brought the world’s first 14.6-inch rollable Micro LED display with the highest resolution. High speed mass transfer technology is employed to achieve the ultra-high pixel density of 202 ppi, making the product hold a pre-eminent position in size and resolution. Its production process activated by innovative green energy saves energy and reduces power consumption. The rollable display increases the flexibility of interior space in vehicles.

The Innolux Corporation presented a naked-eye 3D smart medical imaging solution. Combined with Innolux’s exclusive patent—Volume N3D light field display technology and algorithm, the system can directly read the image information of tomography, helping doctors to interpret the information faster and more accurately.

With the application of metaverse garnering interest across industries, the PlayNitride Display Co., Ltd rolled out the metaverse 0.49-inch/4,536 ppi full-color micro-display, which is currently the highest grade of its kind in the industry and can be used in AR glasses. The advancement of display technology has enhanced the metaverse experience.

These display technology companies have their own strengths. SDIA will continue to help manufacturers in the smart display industry to transform and upgrade with an aim to develop higher value-added products or system and application integration services. It will also encourage the development of applications and solutions in various fields to put theories into practice so as to drive the overall smart display industry transformation and upgrading and achieve the goal of establishing an industrial port.

Source: Antara