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Southern China drunk driver stabs 3 cops to death.

BEIJING — Authorities in southern China said a man stopped for drunk driving and not having a license stabbed to death three police officers after apparently obtaining a knife and returning to the police station.

The statement from Shangli County in Jiangxi province said the suspect, identified only by his surname, Huang, had been detained after the incident on Friday night and would be “rigorously prosecuted under the law.”

The statement gave no details on why Huang had not been put in custody earlier and how he was able to return to the police station with a knife.

Violent crime is relatively rare in China, where private gun ownership is forbidden and police have wide-ranging powers to hold suspects.

Knife crime is more common, however, particularly among suspects with mental health and addiction problems. Police in remote districts are also less well trained, poorly armed and often rely on auxiliaries and part time security guards to boost their numbers.

One of the officers who was fatally stabbed was a part-timer.

Source: ABC