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South Korean professor: Only South Korea degrades China, but China no longer sees it. SK

We are no strangers to South Korea. Whether it is historical origin or modern cooperation, as a friendly neighbor, we are always inextricably linked. From an economic point of view, South Korea was once one of the four Asian tigers, and its economic development should not be underestimated. Its gross national product ranks first in the world.

However, the citizens of island countries have some sense of urgency. If this sense of urgency is not appropriate, it will become a psychological obstacle. They are afraid that others will look down on them, so Koreans always feel that they are the strongest, even for neighboring China. I look down upon it, and believe that many Chinese cultures should belong to South Korea.

1. The brief glory of South Korea

However, not all Koreans are so unconscious. A Korean professor, Kim Lando, criticized the blindness of the Korean people. He believed that in many respects, Koreans do not have the tolerance they should have. In contrast, Korea’s history is too short.

When Zhu Yuanzhang unified the world, he thought that the country had just stabilized and there were still many places of instability. At that time, the dynasty on the Korean Peninsula was the Koryo Kingdom. They thought it was a great opportunity to attack the Ming Dynasty and realize their great ideal of occupying the Central Plains . .

It is a pity that this kind of overreaching behavior eventually led to bad results. Li Chenggui directly overthrew the Goryeo Dynasty and established the Joseon Dynasty, and submitted the letter of credence to the Ming Dynasty, expressing that he would submit to the rule of the Ming Dynasty. For the next few hundred years, North Korea remained dependent on China.

Later, in the Korean War, due to the reasons of interest groups, the 38th parallel was divided, and the Korean peninsula was artificially divided into South Korea and North Korea. With the support of the United States, South Korea’s economy developed rapidly and became the four Asian tigers. In the 1960s, the economy had begun to develop rapidly.

At that time, China was waiting to be rebuilt, and it was also blocked by Western countries. In addition, there were natural disasters, so the economy was constantly dragged down, and it was inevitable that it would fall behind. This was also the Korean people’s impression of China at that time. However, this impression has continued all the time, which shows their narrow vision.

2. Prejudice of Koreans

There is a big prejudice against China, which is the impression of many Koreans. Of course, part of this impression comes from the inherent impression of the 1960s and 1970s, and some Koreans do not want to have a powerful China, because of this, will make them suffer from the enemy.

This situation is a very heavy blow to the prudent island nation’s psychology, so Koreans will not want to believe in China’s strength, and even start to slander China, and in the cultural field, they will start to plunder China . The culture that originally belonged to China is taken as its own.

But not all Koreans are like this. A professor from South Korea, Kim Lando, conducted a research and investigation in China. During the practice in China, he had a more personal experience of China and felt the greatness and harmony of China. Powerful, therefore, after he returned to South Korea, he took on the task of promoting the real China to Koreans.

Kim Ran has set up speech courses in South Korean universities, sharing what he has seen, heard and thought in China with all Korean college students, hoping to change the concept of China among young Koreans.

As for some Koreans who think that the Chinese are chasing the Koreans, Jin Landu made it clear that China would never regard South Korea as a target to catch up with, and even in the last century, which was very backward, it would never regard South Korea as a role model, because China’s ideals are great, but South Korea’s achievements are too small.

Moreover, according to the current development situation of China, in many respects, its achievements far surpass that of South Korea. It should be South Korea that is catching up with China. Fields, leading South Korea abound.

However, many Koreans still do not choose to believe Kim Landu’s earnest words. They think it is Professor Kim’s one-sided words, and they don’t believe that a powerful China is rising around them. They even think that only their own can save China. Chinese traditional culture needs their protection.

So they began to blatantly seize the traditional Chinese culture, such as applying for the Dragon Boat Festival as their own intangible cultural heritage item to UNESCO, and the application was successful. This made the Koreans very excited and carried away, but the other acts of snatching were finally seen through, which can only be regarded as the clamor of a small group of people.

As a neighboring country of China, we have many exchanges with South Korea, and the relationship between neighboring countries is relatively close. But for some Korean people, they are obsessed with overconfidence in themselves, so they cannot see the world objectively and see the greatness of China. I hope that there will be more and more rational Koreans like Professor Kim Rando .

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