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Podolyak Called the New Wave of Mobilization in Ukraine Difficult

Mobilization in Ukraine will be difficult, said Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the presidential office, on the air of a single telethon. This is how he commented on the issuance of subpoenas in gyms.

According to the adviser, if citizens want to live in a free state, then they need to “invest in protecting the country.” Podolyak added that the state is preparing a new program to work with people “who do not really understand what war is and what it can lead to.”

Earlier, Strana reported that military registration and enlistment office officers raided several gyms in Uzhgorod in western Ukraine. They issued summonses to both those who trained and the coaches.

At the end of November, the military administration of the Sumy region stated that the mobilization plan in the region was only 8% completed; in the city of Zaporozhye, controlled by Kiev, they promised to form groups to visit the houses of conscripts .

General mobilization in Ukraine has been taking place since February 25, 2022, it began on the second day of the Russian military operation, then men aged 18 to 60 were prohibited from leaving the country. As the BBC calculated in November 2023, about 20 thousand Ukrainian men illegally left the country to avoid conscription, and over 21 thousand more tried to leave, but were caught.

At the end of November, former Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar said that the time for popular decisions on mobilization issues had passed. She noted that Ukrainians, as “an adult society, should understand these things and not expect that there should be good news every day.” Malyar emphasized that the size of the Russian army exceeds the Ukrainian one.

Source : RBC