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Official account debunks massive Shanghai lockdown rumors

Shanghai has debunked online claims that a wide-ranging lockdown or phased lockdown would be imposed across the city amid the recent COVID-19 resurgence.

Replying to inquiries from local netizens on Monday, Shanghaifabu, the city’s official WeChat account, clarified that these claims are false and pure rumors.

Rumors have been rife on the internet that a massive lockdown will be imposed this week after the end of both the national college and high school entrance exams.

Some claimed that another phased lockdown will be launched in Puxi and Pudong in turn, like what happened in late March.

Shanghaifabu has checked and can confirm that these claims are false,” the official account said.

Shanghai has reported more than 300 positive cases since July 3 during a resurgence centered on an illegally reopened karaoke lounge at 148 Lanxi Road in Putuo District.

According to the official release, a new round of mass nucleic acid screening will be held in nine districts between Tuesday and Thursday, when all residents will be tested twice.

During the screening, people within the districts must have a 48-hour negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) report to leave or enter their communities, companies and other public venues.

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