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Multinationals believe in smart factories and amusement.

Multinationals remain upbeat about the business environment in Shanghai, and continue their efforts to upgrade local production and research efforts.

AT&S Shanghai’s plant, which was recently designated as one of the smart factories by the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization, was one of the earliest multinationals to introduce high density interconnect (HDI) substrate technologies to China more than two decades ago.

After setting up the high-end HDI & integrated circuit substrates plant in Shanghai in 2001, it continues to upgrade production facilities and technologies to respond to the booming demand for 5G and AI-related electronics and mobile solutions.

Chen-Jiang Phua, chairman of the board of AT&S China, said the company has been taking a forward-looking approach and remains confident of mid-term business outlook.

The local district authorities have been dedicated to improving business environment, he noted.

The Xinzhuang Industrial Park in Minhang District also has a one-stop service to offer the latest explanations of industry policies, and to improve administrative efficiency.

In 2020, it also completed the expansion of office, warehouse and production lines to prepare for further growth potential with the latest solutions to enable the most advanced electronics applications and technologies.

Officials from the Legoland Shanghai Resort say it is confident of tourist and entertainment demand in the country, and the outlook for theme parks’ operations remains promising.

“We continue to localize entertainment experience based on Jinshan’s signature and popular attractions,” said Chen Jie, general manager of Legoland Shanghai Resort.

Tourists’ enthusiasm and a strong rebound at local entertainment venues and tourism attractions during the Chinese New Year have injected new confidence, she noted.

After the groundbreaking ceremony in 2021, Jinshan District government offered full support to speed up the project and relevant preparation work, she added.

Constructions returned to normal at the site after the Chinese New Year break.

Legoland Shanghai Resort, covering more than 318,000 square meters in Fengjing, an ancient watertown, will include a theme park, a themed hotel, and supporting commercial facilities.

It will also be the first Legoland park to feature a well-known Lego product line based on the timeless Chinese legend “Monkey King.”

The new cultural tourism landmark is also expected to offer specific entertainment items which combine the most popular theme park activities from overseas Legoland resorts as well as local features.

Source: shine