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John Cassara’s New Book on China, International Crime, and Money Laundering

WASHINGTON, Feb. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — David M. Luna, Executive Director of the International Coalition Against Illicit Economies (ICAIE), applauds the new book by John A. Cassara (an ICAIE Board Member), China – Specified Unlawful Activities: CCP Inc., Transnational Crime and Money Laundering, which provides an in-depth analysis and evidence-based assessment of the growing illegal trade and corruptive influence by China and its extensive network of complicit Chinese business enterprises and criminal syndicates across markets globally.

Communist China is an ideological, military, economic, technical, commercial, intelligence, and diplomatic rival of the U.S. and the West. In John Cassara’s view, China has a growing exploitative presence in the developing world. While these threats are well-known, involvement by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) working with big business – CCP Inc. – with transnational crime and money laundering is not.

Former CIA intelligence officer and Treasury Special Agent John Cassara is the first to examine CCP Inc. from a comprehensive law enforcement perspective. Using a very readable non-academic style, Cassara examines 12 categories of CCP Inc. transnational crime. Based on Cassara’s new research, China is involved in approximately $2 trillion a year of transnational illicit proceeds. That is about one-half of the roughly $4 trillion laundered worldwide every year. He also examines money laundering methodologies and enablers, concluding that China is the world’s primary money laundering country. He also explains 21st-century Chinese mercantilism, CCP Inc.’s use of corrosive capital, and various pernicious enablers. Cassara puts it all together and explains the convergence.

According to Cassara, “Many are aware of China’s involvement in the trafficking of fentanyl, its insatiable demand for ivory that is leading to the extinction of African elephants and rhinos, and its involvement in forms of human trafficking and forced labor camps. But these are single issues and focused stories. There is so much more. The massive totality of CCP Inc.’s transnational criminality is staggering. Focused and coordinated law enforcement is where the China juggernaut is most vulnerable.”

In his Foreword for the new Cassara book, Mr. Luna states: “Throughout the five sections of his book, John weaves a powerful indictment against the PRC’s corruption by showing how CCP Inc. has leveraged corruption, illicit markets, and predatory trade and lending practices to become the world’s biggest illicit player across global markets, supply chains, and digital marketplaces. Additionally, through clear and convincing evidence, he also illustrates how China is helping to finance its economy and military and thereby bolster public support for the ruling CCP regime.”

ICAIE brings together diverse champions across sectors and communities, including leaders from across sectors and civil society to mobilize energies to combat cross-border illicit threats that endanger U.S. national security. In the coming months, ICAIE will also be releasing a new report on “Emerging Transnational Organized Crime Threats in Latin America in 2023: Converging Criminalized Markets and Illicit Vectors Destabilizing the Region”.

Source: globe news wire